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The most impressive burgers around the world

Hubert Keller burger at Fleur


It’s official – burgers are booming. You can hardly walk around any corner of a city without bumping into the next big thing. However, not all are made equal. We’ve scoured the world for some of the tastiest and most expensive burgers across the earth. For all burger aficionados, this one’s for you.

Fleur, Las Vegas

Let’s start with the most expensive. At Fleur in Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, chef Hubert Keller has created the most extraordinary burgers on Earth. Expect a patty made from Kobe beef, slices of foie gras and more truffles that you’ve probably ever seen. There’s a price tag to match though. You’ll be coughing up $5,000, though it does come with a bottle of Petrus.

Au Cheval, Chicago

The burgers are Au Cheval, an upmarket restaurant in Chicago, has been making waves across foodie publications over the last year with some saying “your quest for the world’s best cheeseburger ends here”. They’ve won multiple awards including the ‘Best Burger in the World’ by The Burger Guide.

Dip and Flip, London

Arguably, one of the most unique on the list is London’s Dip and Flip which serve up their signature burgers topped with roast beef and smothered with gravy. Bliss.

In-N-Out, California

If you live outside California, you’ll all out of luck when it comes to In-N-Out burger. This, relatively small, chain has somewhat of cult following at its 300+ West coast branches. A simple, but perfect menu of cheeseburgers and doubles accompanied by their signature Animal Fries.

Five Guys

This popular American chain is making a land-grab for the rest of the world opening new locations seemingly every day. They pitch in mid-way between the gourmet crowd and the cheap and cheerful fast-food joints. A simple menu – just pick your burger and then add as many toppings as you please.

Patty & Bun, London

London’s darling of the burger world is Patty & Bun. The tiny chain of just several restaurants has carved a reputation for serving some of the juicest burgers in town. Don’t take just our word for it though. Just look the long line of hunger punters who wait for they signature ari gold or cumin aioli lamb burgers.

Big Fernand, Paris

One of the kings of the hamburger world is Big Fernand, a small Parisian chain that offers, unsurprisingly, very rare burgers covered in French cheese and stacked between seeded buns. At just 12 bucks a go, they’re good value to, particularly for the quality.


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