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Sensational Milkshakes in Lagos

4 Milkshake Spots that will definitely bring all the boys to the yard!

As delicious as icecream is, someone somewhere in the 1880’s decided to blend it with milk and hence, the delightful milkshake (known as frappe by some) was born.

These days, dessert shops and restaurants intensify this creation with variety of flavors and toppings. Some even go as far as assembling freak shakes, heard about them? They are shakes made to look like masterpieces with over-the-top toppings.

Lagos is known for its high temperatures so it is no surprise that this chilled milky decadent treat thrives here. Find below 4 places that have been tested and tried to consistently shake up yummy ones…..


Cactus Strawberry milkshake

Cactus is known for their specially crafted Italian ice cream. They take it up a notch with their whimsical milkshakes which come in three simple but mouth-watering flavors; vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. The silkiness of how each sip feels in the mouth is second to none and just incase you are looking to indulge in other treats, their array of cakes and pastries serve as great accompaniments.

Location: 20/24, Ozumba Mbadiwe Way, Victoria Island.

Maison Kayser

Maison Kayser Cheesecake milkshake

Another Italian ice cream factory with tonnes of exquisite flavors. The beauty of their milk-shaking is the fact that you can just point at any of their frozen delights, watch a server scoop it up into a blender and mix the mixables, then enjoy the sound that triggers your tastebuds. The result is usually a smooth flavorful cup of goodness.

Location: 864A Bishop Aboyade Cole, Victoria Island.

Samantha’s Bistro

Samantha’s Banana Milkshake with Maple Spice

It is pretty obvious that one of the secrets to whipping up soul satisfying milkshakes is using self-made ice cream instead of store-bought ones because once again, Samantha’s shakes are made from a selection of their frozen treats. They come in exciting flavors depending on availability of flavoring but the classics….vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and banana would forever give you your money’s worth!

Location: 2 Olawale Daodu (Webb Road), Off Alfred Rewane road, Ikoyi.

Marcelino’s Pastry

Marcelino’s Banana Milkshake

Marcelino’s is mostly dedicated to desserts so of course, its milkshake department is not short of amazing. They pride themselves in making their one of a kind delicious ice cream which is in turn used to make luscious milkshakes. Interestingly, they also have a display of ice cream flavors that can be selected from to achieve one of the best shake experiences ever!

Location: 1C, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island.


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