The Side View Guide To Travelling Solo

The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready. — Henry David Thoreau

Embarking on a trip alone can be overwhelming, scary and exciting all at the same time. At times, it feels like it is easier to share the journey with family or friends. But there are periods when traveling solo is very rewarding, you just need to trust yourself and find a sense of security so you can enjoy one of the most liberating experiences.
So, whether you are single, in need of some me-time, or are unable to coordinate holiday schedules with your friends – we’ve got you covered with the Side View guide to travelling solo.
This is the most important phase of traveling. If all the boxes are ticked in this phase, you can go on the trip.

  • Destination:

The best thing about travelling alone is that you get to choose where you would go to without considering other people’s ideas! Whether you want to go to Obudu Cattle Ranch, shop in Dubai,or visit Kwa Fallz, you get to choose alone.

  • Budget:

If you are travelling abroad, it is better to set price alerts for flights- this is when Google comes in handy. Search Google for the best traveling deals. If you are travelling within Nigeria, there are several travel agencies you can patronize to get cheaper rates and have other travel details like accomodation, tour guide, etc. taken care of.

Accommodation can be a big deal when travelling solo because the option of splitting cost with others is not there. So it is important to consider your comfortability and safety when choosing accomodation. Hostels are a great but if you are visiting a wildlife conservation center ( e.g Cross River State National park, Okwangwo district) there are usually lodges available which will cover your meals and a tour guide is also assigned to you.

  • Saving:

The importance of saving to sustain yourself throughout the trip cannot be emphasized enough. You can open up a new bank account and transfer a percentage of every salary or pay you get into the account as early as 9 months before you set to travel. This percentage of money will add up in no time.


  • Travel Light:

You do not need 4 pairs of shoes, every shade of lipstick or piece of clothing you own ‘just in case.’ Pack only the essential things you know you need or items that cannot be bought in a local shop. See a comprehensive guide to minimalist packing.

  • Money:

Cash is very important to carry along during a solo trip, but don’t keep it all in the same place in case of theft. Always carry your cards although it could be hard to see an atm machine. If you are travelling abroad, the exchange rates could be outrageous, so do carry a sensible amount of cash.

Since you are travelling solo, safety is more important than being polite. You are not obliged to engage with anyone who is rude, intrusive and in cases of catcalling– don’t make eye contact and simply walk away.

  • Lock any bags that are not in sight
  • Carry out research on the means of transportation within the area.



  • Many cafes now offer free wi-fi. It is good to check out for places that have a good network connection and free Wi-Fi. You can use the Wi-Fi to unwind from a stressful day by streaming movies, responding to emails, and even surfing the web.
  • The internet can really help you out. Thank goodness it’s 2019, there are apps for everything. With a click of a button you can download travel guides, local restaurants and even arrange meet-up.

Travelling alone helps you connect with so many kindred spirits, and make you have an appreciation for  other places and cultures. One of the most important lessons to learn is that just because you feel alone, it doesn’t mean you are!!


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