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Meet Unwana Umana- The Brain box behind #PuffPuffFestival


Side View Magazine presents a conversation between Mr. Umana Unwana and contributor Rachel Ebuh.

If you’re not familiar with #puffpuff festival , it’s large. Capital letters kind of large.

Puff Puff Festival is Africa’s biggest finger food festival

-Umana Unwana

Here, the founder & curator of the festival, Umana Unwana talk challenges and goals of the festival as he answers our set of questions.


Side View (SV): Can you share with SV magazine, who Unwana umana is–and The puff pufffestival you proudly represent?

Unwana Umana(UU): Unwana is the founder & Curator of Puff-Puff Festival. He is an experiential idea expert. He is the author of The World within Us (2009). He holds a degree in Law, from the University of Uyo. A certified non-violence practitioner, he has a certification from the Kingian non-violence center, University of Rhode Island. He is an Associate of Corporate Governance Professionals and the Chartered institute of Loan and Risk Management.
On the Festival
Puff Puff Festival is Africa’s biggest finger food festival, setup to promote finger food Chefs in the continent, and encourage the development and advancement of the Puff Puff food. The event is notable for its experiential activations. The experience isn’t centered around Puff Puff dishes alone. People attend the festival for the experiences. Brands sponsor the festival for the activations.


SV: What is the goal for puff puff festival?

UU: The goal is to turn Puff Puff festival into the biggest experiential event in the world, and to create a platform which advances careers of finger food Chefs.

SV: What were the challenges you had bringing this annual festival to existence?

UU: The first Puff Puff Festival wasn’t tough to organize, it was tough to convince people the event had a great picture and experience. But we had the right team, we worked with the best Chefs (Picamidos, Chubby Kitchen, Bora’s Kitchen, Chef Gregory, Shuga Cakes & Chops) they made it work. Sapphire Events made the decorations great. He has always been there for us. He has been instrumental to all our design themes.

SV: How involved are you with menu development and overall design of the snacks served at the festival?

UU: Our job is to inspire, promote and equip the Chefs. We work together, we share ideas, and we achieve greatness.

SV: Would you ever open up a restaurant that specializes just in puff puff?

UU: We don’t rule out making investments in Puff Puff as a food brand. It will have to be setup to offer something different, with a business model that allows the employment of many qualified people.

SV: If you had $20m to do something different relating to Nigerian food what would you do?

UU: $ 20M for any other food business? We would bet on digitally focused food startups. Disruption being key, like alternative meat solutions, etc. Companies offering new solution to the food community. Especially, exploring ways of building bigger consumer reach and experience.

SV: If you could be a woman for one day,which three women would be your options and why?

UU: This is a tricky one. I don’t know what these women are going through… all I know is their public life. So, I will make these choices based on their public life and not their private lives.
Oprah Winfrey inspires me, she is intentional and creative.
Serena Williams, she is strong and understands what it means to shake off defeat.
JK Rowlings, she is one of the writers that inspired me to write. She has a beautiful mind. Her imagination gets me.


SV: February is a month of love, which puff puff recipe would you recommend to be eaten this minth?
UU: The best Puff Puff for Lovers is the spicy Puff Puff, you never forget the heat, and the sweetness.

Finish the following sentences

SV: My favorite restaurant in Uyo is…

UU: My favourite restaurant in Uyo, is Winna’s Kitchen. She doesn’t have a restaurant but she does home services.


SV: I could eat…… everyday for the rest of my life.

UU: I could eat Puff Puff everyday for the rest of my life.

SV: The best puff puff I’ve ever tasted is…

UU: The best Puff Puff is fish Puff Puff.

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