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Top 30 Food Bloggers Changing The Concept Of Food In Nigeria

Are you in search of recipes, food inspiration or do you just enjoy drooling over Nigerian meals? Feast your eyes on 30 food bloggers to follow

Afrolems has been successful run for over 8 years. It has been recognized by CNN, Venture Africa, Punch Newspaper, and a host of others. The food plating and styling on this blog is stunning!

Instagram handle:@afrolems

Her mixed egusi brittle recipe is totally worth trying out.

Dooney’s kitchen features delectable images of meals demanding to be eaten. Her moringa puffpuff, yoodles and several other fusion cuisines would leave you amazed at the diversity of Nigerian meals.

Instagram handle: @dooneyskitchen

There’s a story shared on the blog for every recipe

The blog’s name comes from the fact that Nma was lazy when she was younger. The blog was founded on Valentine’s Day and the site makes it easy for you to fall in love with indigenous Nigerian dishes.

Instagram handle:@nigerianlazychef

Don’t let the name fool you, she is not lazy one bit.

This blog is filled with gorgeous photography of food that would leave you drooling for days. Every. Single. Recipe. is beyond amazing!

Instagram handle:@sisijemimah

Based in Texas, this food blogger is know for some of the most aesthetic Nigerian dishes pictures on Instagram. His bio read ‘avid homecook’, there is no doubt you would be following his motto as you scroll through his feed.

Instagram handle:@thetobismith

Her passion for Nigerian cuisine made her create an online recipe diary. With over 121,000 followers on Instagram she shares all her yummy recipes and reviews.

Instagram handle:@dobbyssignature

Her blog contains healthy versions of Nigerian meals because she is a detician.

Funfact: She is the mum of food blogger, Afrolems.

Instagram handle: @1qfoodplatter.

This blog lives up to its name. The vibrancy of the food in the photos captured, makes it feel like you are eating the food right of your phone screen. If you are in the mood to drool over food, visit her Instagram page. You won’t be disappointed.

Instagram handle: @foodace

Not only is Matse Nnoli a food blogger, she is an OAP on Wazobia FM. Even if you are an amateur in cooking, Matse has an online spice store that will help upgrade the taste of your meal.

Instagram handle: @matsecooks

Yummy Medley was created by Lois Ologhobo and her husband, Femi (“#1 taste-tester”). The blog’s name comes from the fact that Lois is the yummy while the “Medley” is their combined adventurous and passionate love for food and eating.

Instagram handle: @yummymedley

This recipe developer and plant-based food explorer features healthy vegetarian recipes on the blog.

Instagram handle: @plantfoodfederation

Sisi Yemmie is seriously a down-to earth-food blogger. She incorporates her mom life into her blog and her blog is the best page for local and international recipes.

Instagram Handle: @sisiyemmie

YouTube Channel: Sisiyemmie TV

Rad Economist is the online home of Chef Akudo Agokei.This food blog illustrates how even the cleanest and simplest Nigerian dishes can be incredibly beautiful.

Instagram handle: @rad_economist

This is a Nigerian food blog that offers it’s readers detailed recipes which is backed up with videos on the YouTube channel. Want to try? Check out her YouTube channel and Instagram handle below.

Instagram Handle: @thekitchenmuse

YouTube Channel: The Kitchen Muse

Her blog has various recipe pages ranging from breakfast, vegetarian, cooking tips and even cooking tips.

Instagram handle: @lohicreates

If you are interested in carrying your cooking from a 0 to a 100 real quick, Ify’s kitchen should be your your training. The blog owner offers cooking classes where you can enroll to get your dishes looking as appetizing as hers.


This is one of the first blogs in Nigeria that centeres on the food niche. Ronke Edoho of 9jafoodie centers her blog on healthy recipes. as a certified nutritionist, she created ‘Lose it Nigeria Plan’ which is a weight loss program made up of Nigerian foods.

Instagram handle: @9jafoodie

Based in Oxford , this food blogger is known for posting some of the trendiest and most aesthetic food on Instagram.

Instagram handle: @thelmzkitchen

With her name, you should know that are recipes are based on african dishes. This blog is your stop to all recipes African. Have you heard of Coconut Macaroons? If no, definitely check out this blog.

Instagram handle: @immaculatebites


This blog is a guide to all restaurants, food spots, drinking centers in Lagos. The duo, Nosa and Folly, tour Lagos, visit different food and drink places and write about it.

Instagram handle: @eatdrinklagos

Haneefah of muslimhanie has made a name for herself in the food blogging niche through the creative ways she plates her dishes. She makes gorgeous edible portraits with fermented yam, smoked fish, leaves of amaranth, you name it (whatever ingredient that is beside her), a portrait would emerge from it.

Instagram handle: @muslimhanie

Her recipes are so well written and easy to follow and don’t call for ingredients you would hardly find in markets in Nigeria.

YouTube: Chef Lola

Like many of the other top food blogs featured here, Eko café features Nigerian food recipes.

Instagram handle: @ekocafé

Winifred Emmanuel is the recipe developer and blogger. She has a deep love for recipe experimentation and food photography. She has even expanded into creating a Youtube channel.
The site not only covers cooked dishes, it also branches out into different types of baked foods ranging between sweets, entrees, breakfast, snacks, sides, and beverages.

Instagram handle: @Zeeliciousfoods

This blog writes typical dishes that can be found in a Nigerian home. The recipes varies from the famous Jollof rice, concotion rice(palm-oil rice), and different types of soups.

Instagram handle: @nigerianfoodtv

Ozoz Sokoh of Kitchen Butterfly was the winner of the International Saveur Awards ’18 for the best food culture blog. Apart from her well detailed recipes, if you are looking for the science behind Dodo or any Nigerian meal, this should your go to blog.

Instagram handle:@kitchenbutterfly

The private chef and food consultant created a blog which features all his recipes. Going through his instagram feed, you can feel the passion and love he has for food just by looking at how he garnishes each meal.

Instagram handle: @chef_dudu

It is no surprise that all Nigerian recipes has found great popularity with serious food fans. Like her site name says, the blog features delectable images of all Nigerian recipes you can think of.

Instagram handle: @allnigerianrecipes

Every Nigerian is familiar with the knorr seasoning cube. Unknown to some, the brand has a food blog where it shares mouth watering recipes.

Instagram handle: @knorrnigeria

Food blogger, photographer and spice maker, Ajoke, has an e-cookbook of delicious dinner party recipes.Since she started the blog, she has over 100 recipes and her recipes are the heart of the site.

Instagram handle: @myactivekitchen

Let us know who some of your favorites are in the comments below—there’s always room to add a few more to the list!


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