5 Essentials A Well Travelled Woman Should Own

We are all travel seekers! For some, it is done out of necessity while for others, the wanderlust in them never stops pushing them to seek new roads. Whatever, the case, as a woman who loves there is always the desire to travel light or have some essentials that you can’t do without. If you are that woman, then this list should guide you.

A sturdy pair of jeans – A woman who travels a lot knows the importance of packing light especially if on a road trip to multiple cities. A good pair of jeans in a dark colour would definitely save you the stress of washing over and over again. It could also transition from day to night with a change of top and accessories.

A pair of safari shorts – As a woman filled with wanderlust, you will know that some cities are hotter than some and a good pair of safari shorts will help you on those hot days. The best part is that they can be worn with almost any kind of top.



The LBD – The little black dress is as important as your underwear. They serve almost any occasion. It is so important that royal families and government officials always travel with a black dress as they never know when they would be invited for a funeral.



A backpack – What is a trip without a backpack that will contain all your essentials on the go? From your laptop to your toiletries to even being the only bag you travel with. A sturdy backpack is definitely a lifesaver!


A trusted sweater – Just like the safari shorts, you never can tell when the weather conditions would change. It could be very hot during the day and the next thing the temperatures are dropping lower than you would have imagined. A seasoned traveller knows to be prepared!


What are your travel essentials?


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