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Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

An intimate home cooked dinner is a good time to bond and since cooking is supposed to be fun; divide and conquer kitchen duties, washing included.

So whether you are a novice or a seasoned chef, these dinner ideas should get you off on the right track.

Ready, steady, cook!

Starter Dish

Impress your date with a simple fruit salad with pops of red.

1) Fruit salad


2) Stove Pop Popcorn


These are dead easy to make. All you will need is a cup of popcorn kernels, 1/2 Cup Cooking Oil , 3 Tablespoons Sugar and a pot with a perfectly fitted lid.

To prepare it:

Heat up the oil, add the sugar to the hot oil to melt. When melted, add the kernels. Cover the pot. When the popping starts, shake for a few seconds. Transfer to a bowl and sprinkle sugar and milk.

Main Dish

Basmati fried rice or shrimp spaghetti is definitely a winner.

1) Basmati Fried Rice


There’s nothing quite like a bowl of fluffy rice and some tender, flavour-filled Jamaican chicken .

2) Spicy Salmon Spaghetti

PHOTO: @domesticgoddesswannabe

Salmon cooked in curry sauce served with spaghetti. Yummy!


Our favourite part of dinner has to be dessert. Go for warm chocolate doughnuts topped with ice cream. Who could resist that?

PHOTO: @hustlemumrepeat

Make these the night before and when it’s time for dessert, you can heat it up the oven, and prepare yourself for all the “mmmmmmmms”. Get the recipe here.

Happy cooking! Hope your Valentine’s dates are cozy, romantic and with just the right amount of sugar and spice!


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