The Perfect Guide To Slaying In Red This Valentine’s Day

Are you still on the hunt for a statement piece to wear this Valentine’s day? Not to worry, SideView has got you covered! The LBDs can take a back seat for once. It doesn’t matter whether you are coupled up or flying solo, every woman looks for the perfect opportunity to shop for something new, Why not a red outfit?

We know that red for Valentine’s day is so cliché but there is just something about a lady in red that makes men stop and want to stare. Especially if she pulls off the outfit perfectly. Red is such a bold colour that it can sometimes be quite a challenge to pull off. Thank goodness it comes in a plethora of shades. Plus you can decide to go for a full red look or just have a touch of red in your ensemble.

It doesn’t matter if you want to wear a red dress, a power suit or even go the traditional way with the African print. The most important thing is that you are compromising on your style or comfort. After all, it’s a day of love and if you don’t love yourself first, who will?

Be inspired by these red outfits!

















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