About Us

SIDE VIEW Magazine furnishes its readers with an educated visual in the realms of fashion, travel, style & cuisine as well as covering significant social issues and encouraging entrepreneurship and the exchange of imaginative ideas. Side View is a Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine that is contemporary and cosmopolitan, edgy and elegant and clearly committed to providing clever content for our clientele. It is an insider’s guide into the world of fashion, culture and music; SIDE VIEW Magazine is a trusted, one-stop source for inspiration and recognition of the most creative people, brands and designers.

It offers much more than an expression of culture but also serves as a unique opportunity for brand involvement and the advertisement of products and services. READERSHIP Side View readers are enlightened individuals endowed with a heightened sense of taste and passion for all artistic endeavours. They are trendy intellectuals enamoured with fashion, whose cares and interests are endless. At Side View, we seek to entertain and encourage each generation to be inspired and foster a love for culture, fashion and photography. Therefore our readers are comprised of all sections of society from the quirky to the classy, the discerning youth to the upwardly mobile and everywhere in between.

We are always on the look out for upcoming creatives. If you are talented and you just produced an amazing editorial. Please send a request and high resolution images to editors@sideviewmagazine.com